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Mustang Technologies is a software development firm specializing in the development of standalone business applications for businesses.  Mustang has four primary software products: XENA (an XER utility for Primavera), TracReturns (a popular RMA software product), TracEquipment, and TracVisitors.  Mustang believes that customers should be able to try a software product before they buy it, so we offer a "Try-before-you-buy" option.  Each product can be downloaded and used for 30 days before purchasing the software.  

The four software products are:
XENA           - an XER utility for Primavera's P6 project 
                                  management software.  With XENA, P6
                                  administrators can easily modify XER files
                                  before the XER file is imported into P6.

      XENA XER introduction video: 

          TracReturns   - an RMA software product to track customer returns 
                                       and RGA's.  Our RMA software is a great tool
                                       to help businesses organize their returns.  In
                                       addition, our RMA software tracks failure by 
                                       model/product and manages repairs. 


      Click here to read comments from our RMA software users 

                  TracReturns introduction video: 
                  TracReturns overview video: 

          TracEquipment   - an equipment tracking software product to track 
                                               equipment at your organization or at your 
                                               customers' business.

          TracVisitors          - a visitor tracking software product to track visitors 
                                               to all your facilities.

All products were developed in .NET using Microsoft's latest development platform.







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