P6ETL™ is a software utility that extracts P6 data from an Oracle-hosted P6 database into an on-premise P6ETL™ SQL Server database.  Once the P6 data is in the P6ETL™ Database, users can create BI reports using a variety of report development tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.  The P6ETL™ Database is a reporting database that mimics the Oracle P6 Reporting Database created by the publishing step in P6 EPPM.  However P6ETL™ extracts P6 data using P6 Web Services therefore P6ETL™ is not dependent on Oracle's P6 Reporting Database nor the publishing step in P6 EPPM.  Below are 2 diagrams with typical configurations.  To order P6ETL™, click here.







Here are a few P6ETL™ features:

  • Extracts P6 Projects based on EPS Node, Project Code, Project Status, and/or a Project UDF value - or P6ETL™  can extract ALL P6 Projects

  • Combine P6 Projects from multiple P6 Databases into a single P6ETL™ Database for consolidated, portfolio-level reports. 
    The P6 Databases could be hosted at one site or the P6 Databases could be located at multiple locations. 

  • If your P6 Database has P6 Projects from mutliple customers, you can extract individual P6 Projects into their own P6ETL™ Databases for customer-specific reports  

  • Create snapshots of your P6 Projects on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis

  • And more

Click here for an information sheet on P6ETL™. 


Typical Configurations.jpg

P6ETL™ for BI Reporting